Beats 1.7.1b FINAL

Been super busy with school (just graduated earlier this year) and work (just started right after that), but I’ve finally got a break to come back and revisit Beats. Reinstalled eclipse and the Android SDK, updated a few libraries, fixed a few bugs here and there, and tested it on my Samsung Captivate (running CyanogenMod 10, nightly) and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (running CyanogenMod 9). No new features since I’m working on Beats2 now, but feel free to send me patches if you want! Here’s the changelog (note that r16 is based on the open-source code):

Beats 1.7.1b FINAL – Changeset [r16]

  • Android 4.x ICS support (tested on CyanogenMod 10 nightly)
  • all speed multipliers effectiveness DOUBLED, please adjust your settings!
  • fixed Graphics zip delete error
  • updated AdMob to v6.2.1
  • updated Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects to v3.5.39.3
  • updated all translation

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