Active developers:
Philip Peng (Keripo)
Keripo is currently the only developer working on the project. He worked on the game’s timing engine, osu! Mod, and various other features/settings. His previous works can be fount at http://keripo.com/projects. You can contact Keripo via email at k.darktiger @ gmail.com.

Past contributors:

A brief history of Beats 1.x’s development can be found here.

Matthew Croop (mcroop)
Matt helped develop some of the earlier versions of Beats 1.x. He worked on the game’s graphics engine, holds mechanics, and various optimization stuff in Beats 1.0a-1.3b. You can contact Matt via email at matthewcroop @ gmail.com

Yui Suveepattananont
Yui helped design the original Beats 1.x logo. She also created parts of the game’s original graphics in Beats 1.0a-1.3b. You can contact Yui via email at ksuvee @ seas.upenn.edu

Special thanks to:
-All the members of the Beats Portable Google group who help out with testing
– All the forum-goers at Beats Portable forums who providing valuable feedback and suggestions
– All the IRC-goers at #android-dev for advice/suggestions with programming my first app
– All the IRC-goers at #stepmania-devs for helping me with the .sm/.dwi format and simulation
– All the devs and peppy at osu! forums for providing the .osu format specs (ask peppy for them)
– All the translators at Beats crowdin project for help spreading the word (localized!)
– All of you users for making this project worthwhile and fun!

Also a special thanks to Eric Tse (Sashi) who was our webmaster for the original beatsiidx.com and also helped with game testing and providing valuable feedback. If you are looking for web hosting help or someone knowledgeable in working with website backends, you can contact Sashi via freenode’s IRC channels #android #android-root #android-dev #androidforums

– The font used for “beats” and “portable” in the Beats logo is from dafont.com
– The font used for “FORUMS” in the Beats forum logo is from dafont.com
– The double arrow in the Beats logo is from here
– The anime background in Beats logo is from wallpaper4me.com, based off the original from Diverse System

For app-specific credits, see the “Credits” page of the app itself.