Beats 1.7a Preview and 250k Downloads!

To start off, it seems that sometime earlier this month, Beats hit 250k downloads on the Android Market! (this doesn’t include downloads from the Downloads page and other locations of course). So here’s the obligatory thank-you picture!

While I’ve been quite busy over the summer with work, I did manage to get my hands on a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Honeycomb (3.1). Which means, yes, the next release of Beats will support tablets! In addition to hacking around to allow for proper scaling, a few other changes have been made in the development build, including customizable graphics (new StepMania-based noteskin is used but the original graphics are still available), updated UHL (vibrations will hopefully work now on more devices), and work-in-progress sliders on osu! Mod! Check out the demo video below:

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game – 1.7a Tablet Demo [Android]

Beats 1.7b is planned to be released sometime before September, but you can get the latest development build from the Google groups link below. Make sure to keep check with the Changelog page to see what to expect in Beats 1.7b. Don’t forget to visit the Translations page to help make sure Beats 1.7b will be fully translated into your language!

Download (Beats 1.6.2b release build)
Google group (Beats 1.7a development build)
Beats2 (for the future)
To-Do list

Look forward to the next release!


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