Yay, the new version of “Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game” has reached over 100,000 downloads (with over 1000 ratings averaging 4.5/5 stars) \o/ Technically this happened months ago under the old package name but I just didn’t notice back then xD (the current cumulative total downloads so far is actually well over 250k at the moment ^_^)

Due to heavy school work, I haven’t had much free time to work on Beats apart a few random things listed on the Changelog page. Rest assure, however, that all your feedback and support has not been forgotten! Depending on the amount of free time I have over the summer, Beats 1.6b may either be implementation of new features or a complete rewrite with a much more stable and flexible engine (e.g. less prone to lag/miss bugs, support for BPM changes, customizable skins, etc.). Of course, everything on the ToDo page will be on the agenda!

Til then, spread the rhythm and have fun with Beats!
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