Install/Upgrading or Multi-touch Issues?

Edit: Install/upgrading issue has been fixed (hopefully), still not sure what the multi-touch issue is… please provide more details on the forums!
If you have an old/laggy/bad-multi-touch phone and are willing to help us with finding and fixing bugs for the next update, PLEASE contact Keripo via IRC or MSN (see the About page).

Remember, I only own ONE phone (Samsung Captivate). I cannot fix a problem on your phone if you don’t tell me about it!

It seems that quite a few people are having troubles finding the latest Beats 1.4b update on the Android Market and/or installing it. For those who do have the update installed, there have also been a few reports on multi-touch behaviour. If you are either having problems installing Beats 1.4b or experiencing multi-touch issues not previously experienced in Beats 1.3b (i.e. multi-touch doesn’t work properly even when Holds are turned OFF), please post in this forum thread. Direct download links for both Beats 1.4b and Beats 1.3b are also in the post.

Hopefully it will be a quick fix and update. Thanks!