New website + Updates

The new website and forums are now finally up! Aside from a bunch more info copy-pasting, you’ll be noticing some graphical improvements over the next few days as we have a small but talented graphics/web team helping out here on UPenn’s campus.

Beats 1.4b’s progress is progressing smoothly as you can see via the latest Changelog and the To-Do List. As of the moment, on-the-go song installation is pretty much ready to go, a few nice graphical upgrades have been made, and the scoring system has (started to) become stabilized in preparation for Scoreloop integration (e.g. future scoreboards, achievements, etc.). Matt is currently working on implementing holds while I’m working on .dwi and improved .sm support. As well, a lot of inefficiencies/crashing bugs in the code is being ironed out, so expect a lot less game crashes and smoother gameplay in the next release!

The website and forums are also being majorly revamped at the moment. Check out the work-in-progress Downloads forum section, from which Beats 1.4b users will be able to directly download and install new songs.

All in all, welcome to the new Beats Portable website and forums and look forward to the next Beats release!


Post your comments and feedback in the forum thread here!