Beats 1.5b

After tons of work into adding new features and optimizing to reduce/remove lag and increase framerate, Beats 1.5b is finally ready!

Beats 1.5b has TONS of new features, as described in the Changelog. Some of the most important features include:

  • osu! Mod and scroll up game modes
  • various new tapbox layouts
  • much, MUCH faster now and with less lag (even faster than 1.3b!)
  • lots of nifty shortcut buttons on the main menu
  • Russian, Dutch, and Italian translations (looking for translators, see here)

Not sure what this new “osu! Mod” game mode is all about? Check it out in the new gameplay video below:
Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game – 1.5b osu! Mod Gameplay [Android]

Over the next few weeks, Matt and I will be working on setting up a song posting bot for the forums (please contact me if you are familiar with phpbb3 forum scripting), so expect to see a lot of new song downloads from various song packs – I have tons of Vocaloid, VGMP, StepMix, and Otaku’s Dream song packs ready for posting. In addition, I’ve created a new Beats Portable Google group where I will be releasing periodic development builds for testing/feedback and translations. Already planned for the next major Beats 1.6b update is Scoreloop integration, .dwi support (yes, I slack), .osu support (if peppy responds), and possibly even a sneak peak into new haptic feedback technology!

To keep things short (i.e. to prevent myself from ranting), hope you all enjoy the major update!


Post your comments and feedback in the forum thread here!