Beats 1.4.2b

Small update with a fix for the rotate-reset issue as well as a link to the new gameplay video:

Beats 1.4.2bChangeset [237]

  • fixed a rotation-restart issue
  • gameplay video link in Info settings category

And here’s the new gameplay video!
(The Demo page now links to this video while the Tutorial page links to the old tutorial video.)

As always, if you find any other pressing/immediate bugs or would like to help out with testing (particularly the lag and touch-screen issues some users are reporting), please PLEASE contact me (Keripo) via IRC or MSN (see the About page). The developers of Beats (myself and Matt) only own one physical Android device to test things on (my Samsung Captivate), so testers would be greatly appreciated (so will Donations to buy an old Android phone off eBay)!

Enjoy the quick update!


Direct .apk dowload of Beats 1.4.2b here! Post your comments and feedback in the forum thread here!