Beats 1.1b

(copy-pasted from old website)

The first release was a surprising success, with a lot, lot more downloads and feedback than I ever expected for my very first Android app. Obviously people want StepMania/DDR for their Android phone – and thats exactly what they’ll get!

In 1.1b are a handful of new settings that I’ve added based on user feedback (a developer that listens, yay!) as well as others I though would be nice. A nifty preliminary pause/resume functionality has been added, and so has an auto-start setting. Numerous things have been tweaked and now crashes/buggyness should occur a lot less (if they do occur though, please post on the forums with more details!). But most of all, a new “INSTALL SONGS” menu item has appeared (in place of the boring Credits page) which will let you directly install .zip/.smzip song packs stored in your phone’s download folder…

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