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Tarotist Here...

Postby Tarotist on Aug 13th, '11, 00:53

So...I was browsing with my new phone when all of a sudden I stumble upon "Beats". I was like "WTF?! Stepmania...ON MY CELLPHONE?! MUST HAVE!"

Originally I was a stepcharter/simfile maker on flashflashrevolution.com under the I.D. "JDZer0ski11z". I have created over 50 simfiles on that site, that is until the site was revamped in which I lost all my simfiles (Boo Hoo :cry: ). I stopped making simfiles...that is until I stumbled on "Beats". Upon downloading the game and seeing the "download song" capability, it fired me up to make simfiles again. And so, after making my 1st simfile after 3 years, I feel so happy to be stepping music again. I never thought Stepmania would go mobile. Very impressive work!

By the way, my simfile specialty is music from the Korean online music game "O2JAM". I made a quick simfile to see how compatible Stepmania was with Beats, using the song "Cross Time" with 3 difficulty settings (Easy/Medium/Hard). It is tap-safe and works perfectly on my Samsung Captivate. I plan on stepping the songs "Go Hell", "Bride in Dream", "Cold Scream", and "Earthquake" in the future. Hopefully the game will be capable of handling "Time Changes" so that I can step songs such as "Pulse in Opus", "Identity", and "V3"!

I am very impressed by this game, and I hope to be a regular as well as a contributor. I look forward to seeing how this game develops. Once again, thanks for bringing back my passion for creating simfiles!
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