Guitar Hero Megapack - ROCK!!!

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Guitar Hero Megapack - ROCK!!!

Postby richlum on Feb 15th, '11, 22:02

Hey all,

I found the guitar hero mega pack for download here

I've been desperate to findsomerock songs other than the few on the downloads page.

This pack has some cool songs.

Only problem is that most only have hard difficulty level.
I find if I turn off held notes and double notes. Some songs arequite do-able and even fun on hard.
Just when you get to the guitar solo you will be in trouble:)

Any other places people know where to get some rock songs please let me know.

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Re: Guitar Hero Megapack - ROCK!!!

Postby Patashu on Mar 10th, '11, 22:23

You should play Project Destruction, it's a pad pack with metal songs and full difficulties:
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