How to turn on osu sound effects

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How to turn on osu sound effects

Postby reason_tam on Aug 31st, '11, 03:58

From the to do list , i saw in the 1.7b beats we can use sound effects for osu mod
Last night , the 1.7b released but i couldn't find any sound effects , could anyone tell me how to turn the effect on :?:
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Re: How to turn on osu sound effects

Postby xwingace on Aug 31st, '11, 14:12

I don't think Osu! sound effects are supported yet. Beats can read and play the osu! format, yes, but it's still a bit experimental, and not all features are implemented (there aren't any spinners, either).

I can see the sound effects in the ToDo list, but they're not in the list of changes in the app description on the market, so my guess is they haven't been implemented yet.

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