Welcome from Keripo

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Welcome from Keripo

Postby keripo on Nov 13th, '10, 04:50

Just a friendly hi to all, new users and old. ; )

This is Keripo here, the dev who started the Beats project. Its been a long while since the original alpha tests that eventually led up to the first open beta release. Much has changed and much has progressed. For a small project which I first initially expected only to get a few hundred downloads max, "Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game" has become a lot, lot more popular than I ever imagined (as of this moment, over 30k downloads and growing)!

A bit about myself. I am currently an undergraduate studying Computer Engineering at University of Pennsylvania (where the rest of the dev/support team is as well). Hacking stuff on the side has always been fun and you may recognize my name from the iPodLinux scene (this is the same Keripo who worked on Project ZeroSlackr) or the other various games/stuff I've involved myself in.

Back in high school, I was a huge StepMania fan (StepMania 3.9, Project Blue, Notes+, 4.0x, reverse, dark, keyboard SD-KL spread), mostly for the anime songs (props to Jubo and the rest at Otaku's Dream). I've also played quite some DJ Max Portable (absolutely love the original Oblivion) and some Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (offtopic: favourite Vocaloid is Lily for her char design even though her voicebank is pretty bad). Never found any local arcade with a Beatmania IIDX machine but I did try out a few PS2 versions at a few anime conventions (my PS3 doesn't play import games, QQ). Though I wasn't much more than an average player, absolutely loved rhythm-based games. When the PennApps 2010 hackathon came along, I grabbed two friends and fellow participants (Matt and Yui) and we got coding. The result is what you see today ; )

Thats all for ranting (you'll probably read a bit more of my rants in each release post so I apologize in advance). Again, welcome to Beats Portable (http://beatsportable.com) and I hope to see you all contributing to these forums and the rhythm-game community!

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Re: Welcome from Keripo

Postby whocares973 on Nov 20th, '10, 15:40

Hello! Really glad to see this being actively developed. Ever since I got my G1 2 years ago I've wanted something like this and I'm glad I finally have it. Thanks a bunch and you can expect to see me around these forums pretty often
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Re: Welcome from Keripo

Postby Chezzer on Dec 30th, '10, 02:10

Hey, I'm Chez. Just want to thank you for taking the time to port this over to the Android. The game is fantastic, and I know it's still a work in progress, but in the future it would be awesome if it was more like Stepmania, with announcers, the gameplay (song-to-song, scoring). What would be killer too is if you could plug in the videos to play in the background while playing the game like you can in Stepmania. I'm just thankful that there is a decent, playable DDR-like game on my phone! Looking forward to new developments, please keep up the good work!
Thank you, Keripo!
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Re: Welcome from Keripo

Postby gyenming on Jan 14th, '11, 16:35

Hey all
Just gotta say that I love beats, the inclusion of holds is all I really needed to make me keep it on my phone. I might make a donation or two, its definitely worth it. Keep up the awesome work :)
Aha, we play almost the same spread, I use as kl ^^
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