Yeah....I can login with my old IDs

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Yeah....I can login with my old IDs

Postby CrzP~ on Jul 29th, '13, 06:35

:D It's great(because I can activate my old IDs in this forum finally).
But seems that there are some questions about registering new IDs........Whatever!

I'm CrzP.A simfile maker and also a fan of Beats~I'm leading two forums in China,one is for Beats,another is for Stepmania.You can view it on (It's a search engine,you can search "安卓Beats"on it,then you will discover it XD )

I'm leading a noter group,too.Our work group called Σ Project(Sigma Project).Always make song packs of game BGMs/Anime songs/Vocaloid songs.
Hatsune Miku Project Beats 01,a vocaloid song pack which our group created(it's in progress now....).If possible,It could be Beats2's sample songs╮(╯▽╰)╭.I wish it,but final choice is Keripo's~

My Gmail

Sigma Project

Beats2’s first theme?well I should make a simple one for default theme......
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