Hey!Let's make some simfiles for Beats2!

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Hey!Let's make some simfiles for Beats2!

Postby CrzP~ on Sep 6th, '13, 09:33

Although It haven't completed,it will need sample filez right?
So I will create some simfiles for it XD~I'll look for permissions when I make them.
If possible,I'll make one that including these....

sample pack-----|song pack---------------(song.mp3,song background.png,song banner.png,song jacket.png,song background video[if someone made one] , cdtitle.png,menucolor;X,X,X,X.smexp,and,of coruse-- song.ssc)

|fallback cdtitle.png
|pack banner.png
| pack jacket.png
|group.ini(stepmania exfolder system)
|_ex(this is diffcult to explain.....see under
waiei exfolder explain(Japanese)

Anyone may help this out.Not just me! :lol: Just upload our pack and using permissions message from musicians/videomaker/picturemaker .This might be useful if you want to play Beats2 EARLIER!

WELL,these are what I want to say~
Hey Keripo!~It will support .ssc right?
Beats2’s first theme?well I should make a simple one for default theme......
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