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Beats 1.5b

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '11, 07:32
by keripo
After tons of work into adding new features and optimizing to reduce/remove lag and increase framerate, Beats 1.5b is finally ready!

Beats 1.5b has TONS of new features, as described in the Changelog. Some of the most important features include:
  • osu! Mod and scroll up game modes
  • various new tapbox layouts
  • much, MUCH faster now and with less lag (even faster than 1.3b!)
  • lots of nifty shortcut buttons on the main menu
  • Russian, Dutch, and Italian translations (looking for translators, see here)

Not sure what this new "osu! Mod" game mode is all about? Check it out in the new gameplay video below:
Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game - 1.5b osu! Mod Gameplay [Android]

Over the next few weeks, Matt and I will be working on setting up a song posting bot for the forums (please contact me if you are familiar with phpbb3 forum scripting), so expect to see a lot of new song downloads from various song packs - I have tons of Vocaloid, VGMP, StepMix, and Otaku's Dream song packs ready for posting. In addition, I've created a new Beats Portable Google group where I will be releasing periodic development builds for testing/feedback and translations. Already planned for the next major Beats 1.6b update is Scoreloop integration, .dwi support (yes, I slack), .osu support (if peppy responds), and possibly even a sneak peak into new haptic feedback technology!

To keep things short (i.e. to prevent myself from ranting), hope you all enjoy the major update!


Re: Beats 1.5b

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '11, 17:39
by GunmanZ
Happy Valentine's day to you!!

I must say thanks for your hard work, i've been playing beats for weeks and every update just made it soooo much better and better :D ! Well done!!!
I'm very looking forward for .osu support (hopefully peppy will give permission), i remember a forum thread on osu! forum that there was some android port development going on this one i think, maybe you guys could work together or something :D?

I just love music games soooooo much, having beats on my phone make me so happy when i'm away at home in a cafe or waiting between lectures :)

Fighting ! :mrgreen:

Re: Beats 1.5b

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '11, 23:41
by PizzaDancer
Happy V-Day!
Awesome update! One step closer to OSU support! Great progress so far, I'm looking forward to next release.

Re: Beats 1.5b

PostPosted: Feb 15th, '11, 16:56
by Imtifade
Great update

EDIT: the auto play option on the main menus is invisible but still clickable what happened?

Re: Beats 1.5b

PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '11, 15:02
by Imtifade
Can't wait for score loop and ous support