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Beats 1.0b

Postby keripo on Nov 13th, '10, 03:06

(copy-pasted from old website)

After almost a month of cracking out code (spending numerous sleepless nights using over the Google API) and weeks of closed beta testing, "Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game" is finally out for Google Android! Beats is a clone of the popular cross-platform rhythm game/engine StepMania, which is most well known as a simulator of Konami's popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution.

Beats 1.0b (the initial beta release) is now available on the Android Market. Just search using the keywords beats, rhythm, or stepmania and look for the app released by Keripo. If you have a QR scanner app on your Android phone, you may use that to scan the image on the side of this page instead.

All that aside, welcome to and thank you for downloading Beats, Advance Rhythm Game! Make sure to check out the Downloads section of the website (which currently doesn't allow for direct installing of song packs to your phone, but that will be implemented soon in a future release) and read through the website's other content. If you encounter any bugs, have any issues, or just want to leave comments/suggestions, make sure to check out the forums as well.



Brief history (for the interested):

Beats first started off as an entry to University of Pennsylvania's PennApps 2010 programming competition/hackathon, during which teams were to write a web or mobile app within a 48hr (weekend) timespan. As "Team Notes", Philip Peng (Keripo) worked on the game engine while Matthew Croop worked on the graphical interface and animations, and Yui Suveepattanont sorted out the menus and designed all the graphics. Everything was written/designed from scratch through reading through the online Google API, random code snippets posted on various blogs, and observation of StepMania 3.9 gameplay behaviour. The original alpha build was quite buggy and crashed often, but worked; the results could be seen in this video.

Keripo continued on the project, hunting down bugs and adding numerous more features until it was in an acceptable state for more public testing. With the help of a number of StepMania forum-goers and various other friends, the majority of bugs were ironed out and tons of new features added on based on recommendations. The resulting 1.0b can be seen in this video. During this time, Keripo was also fortunate to meet Eric Tse (Sashi) who graciously lent the webspace for this website ( and is our current webmaster.

Beats has gone a long way since its initial alpha build and will continue being developed in response to the feedback from Android users. As his first Android app, Keripo will continue working on Beats as a free, ad-supported game/application until he is familiar enough with Android programming to take on the task of starting on Beats' future successor, tentatively named "Beats IIDX". Beats IIDX will be a complete open-source rewrite/port of the actual StepMania 4.0/SVN engine, optimized of course for touch-screen Android phones. While Beats currently supports 1.5/Cupcake up to 2.2/Froyo and targetting 2.1/Eclair (since Keripo owns a Samsung Captivate), Beats IIDX will be targetting the upcoming 3.0/Gingerbread Android OS.

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