Beats 1.7b FINAL

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Beats 1.7b FINAL

Postby keripo on Sep 4th, '11, 18:18

Summer ends and university starts again. With the change comes the release of Beats 1.7b FINAL, the last version of Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game. This also marks the open sourcing of Beats and the starting point of the Beats2 project!

Beats 1.7b FINAL is almost the same as Beats 1.7a-r570 (Beats 1.7b FINAL is r575). For those who haven't been keeping up with the Google group, here are the changes since 1.6.2b:

  • tablet support!!!
  • improved screen updating and scaling
  • modified sliders and guidelines for osu! Mod
  • smarter osu difficulty selection
  • custom loadable graphics
  • new SM-based default noteskin
  • updated with Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects, Version 3.4.73
  • more touch-friendly main menu
  • rearranged settings menus a bit
  • translation update
  • removed MobFox

While there are still a lot of unresolved bugs and minor feature requests, I will no longer be updating Beats but focusing on Beats2 (which will be far more stable and feature-filled). Instead, I have open sourced Beats 1.7b FINAL under the Modified BSD License. The source code can be found alongside the Beats2 source code here (svn/trunk/beats). If you wish to use the source code for your own projects, PLEASE read the ReadMe.txt first. Beats2 will be a completely new rewrite and also have a desktop version as well.

For those who have troubles running Beats 1.7b FINAL due to memory issues (e.g. some older phones running Android 1.6 will force close due to a RAM-related graphics-loading bug), you can always download older versions here. Otherwise, hope you enjoy the final release and look forward to Beats2!

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Re: Beats 1.7b FINAL

Postby ShinigamiDaiko on Sep 25th, '11, 22:28

You should really make a port of your app to iOS or WP. Trust me, A LOT of people would download this app (mostly because it owns tap tap, and that crappy app has millions of downloads). You could probably even charge for this app, i would buy it without thinking. So anyways, you should really think about oprting this app over.
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