Vocaloid Mix

Vocaloid Mix

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Vocaloid Mix
Released on Aug 21st, 2010
Omoikaneh wrote:Welp, it's done. A pretty big variety of difficulties from a good selection of people. Generally anyone who tried to improve got their file in, so while it's not omg elite filezzz i do generally think there's nothing that makes you want to delete anything =X Download it and try it out =) support some of the new simartists

http://smallnsoft.com/od/forums/index.p ... 994.0.html


  • (AnTiHoLiDaYs) Vocaloid - Angelic Layer -The2nd Night-
  • (Eden) 1_6 -genesis mix-
  • (Gundam-Dude vs Kommisar) @ (Cinnamon Roll)
  • (Gundam-Dude vs Kommisar) Last Night, Good Night
  • (Gundam-Dude vs moches) Shiroi Tsubasa (Virginal FTN-Remix)
  • (Gundam-Dude) Love Ward V2
  • (Gundam-Dude) Palette V2
  • (Huzure) Cinderella Romance
  • (Huzure) Triangle Girl's Heart
  • (JeeNa) Stargazer
  • (Jousway) Ike Len ka
  • (Jousway) Setsugetsuka
  • (Kaneh) Black Rock Shooter
  • (Kaneh) Meltv3
  • (Kaneh) Triple Baka
  • (Sargon) Meltdown
  • (Sargon) The Wanderlast


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