Idea for screenshots scores

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Idea for screenshots scores

Postby ZeosFury on Jun 29th, '11, 02:16

Hello everyone , Mi name is Yerko Mansilla ( ZeosFury ) and i came here from OSU! ( yup, the one from the pc )
and am old there... kinda some poeple know me.. i was one of the top 10 in chile long ago in Catch the beat mod and in standard like top 50, since i started in beats , i get it some ideas in my mind , not like for reprograming the game , but like for scores and stuffs like that for posting in forums ... like this one xD


well, the idea is simple;

The first, when you put a screenshot you have to put the model of your smartphone , why is that? simple, a smarthpone with a small screen is kinda more dificult ( i know it i already know the difference ) and a big one... well.. more screen is more big more space for your hand... etc is like to order...

Ofcourse you need the name of the song Too, Dif .. speed .. etc... like to make a ranking of that song, got it?
and with that another people can play your songs too

after that , your actual config of the game ( offset, mode etc , and ofcourse if you like please put the name of your rom or if you are playing with original "OS" of your smarthpone , this could it help to another people. like to config his phone like yours and get a good config and get a good play) just make this once ... like to get a idea about

well thats it... not too hard ....

ill start like to a example, yeah this is my first post i come motivated... blame me later xD

Sony ericcson Xperia X8
Custom "OS" Floyo v0.30 (hybrid cianogem mod froyo and gingerbread )
Song: Raijin no Hidariude ( Osu Mod ) Dif : Challenge
Config : Speed 2.0
No mods
Music Offset : -0.262s
OGG OFFSET : -0.137S
The rest , is normal =D

Ihope you like it the idea , see you later
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