Song Posting Format

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Song Posting Format

Postby keripo on Jan 29th, '11, 23:44

If you are posting a song pack that you did not create yourself, please give credit where credit is due!

Song Posting Guidelines

Only forum admins and mods can start new threads in the Downloads section of the Beats Portable forums, with the exception of this "Unofficial Releases" subforum.
Unlike normal song packs, uploads for Beats should be slightly different. Song packs for Beats should follow three major guidelines:

1) Finger-tapping-ly Good
That means absolutely no keyboard-only stepfiles. Crazy multi-notes or trills with 1/16th or 1/32th notes may be possible on keyboard, but it practically isn't on your phone. Stick with stepfiles made for the dance pad (aka "pad" songs). If a song pack contains more than half keyboard stepfiles, you should divide things up.

2) Smaller is Better
On a computer, your StepMania collection can easily reach multiple gigabytes. On your phone, you don't have such a luxury. File size usually comes from two files: 1) the music file, and 2) the background video file. Because Beats doesn't support background videos anyway, you should remove these from the zip. While I personally am an audiophile (min 192kbps music), most people can't tell when they're focusing on the actual Beats gameplay. For both space and download reasons, I highly recommend you re-encode your music file to 64kbps MP3 (remember that .ogg can be a bit off-sync due to the Android bug). I do all the converting with foobar2000 (v0.9.6.8) at the "Smallest file" setting, aka ~65kbps (lame -S --noreplaygain -V 9 --vbr-new - %filename%.mp3), then deleting the old .mp3. Beats checks for .mp3, .ogg, .mp3.mp3, .ogg.mp3, .mp3.MP3, etc. so don't worry about file renaming as long as the base name is the same.

3) Keep it Clean
For integrity and scoreboard reasons, please do NOT modify the original stepfile. For integrity, its best to keep ALL the original files that came with the stepfile (if you weren't the original author). Once the online scoreboard is implemented, each stepfile's signature will be its md5 hash, meaning that any slight modification to the stepfile itself will make it become an entirely new stepfile. On a side note, if you need to modify a stepfile because its crashing Beats or something, please notify me so I can fix Beats.

Song Posting Format

For the banner image, you can use ImageShack for free image uploading and hotlinking.
Beats' built-in downloader only supports .zip file and .smzip files (only if the file name is in the direct url). Links to songpacks compressed as .rar or .tar.gz files will not work.

Here's the recommended template for song posting:
Code: Select all
[img]*link to banner image*[/img]
[size=100][font=Comic Sans MS][b]Song:[/b] *song title* (*translated/alternate song title if applicable*)
[b]Artist:[/b] *artist name*
[b]Credit:[/b] *stepfile creator's name*
[b]BPM Range: [/b] *min BPM*-*max BPM*
[b]Difficulty:[/b] *difficulties*[*difficulty value*]
[b]Song Pack:[/b] [url=*link to original source*]*link name*[/url][/font][/size]
[url=*songpack direct download link*][img][/img][/url]
Download/install prob? See [url=]here[/url]!

For example:
Code: Select all
[size=100][font=Comic Sans MS][b]Song:[/b] Re-Sublimity
[b]Artist:[/b] KOTOKO
[b]Credit:[/b] LK4D4
[b]BPM Range: [/b] 135.0
[b]Difficulty:[/b] Beginner [2], Easy [5], Medium [7], Hard [8], Challenge [12]
[b]Song Pack:[/b] [url=]Otaku's Dream Mix (Pad)[/url][/font][/size]
Download/install prob? See [url=]here[/url]!

Song: Re-Sublimity
Artist: KOTOKO
Credit: LK4D4
BPM Range: 135.0
Difficulty: Beginner [2], Easy [5], Medium [7], Hard [8], Challenge [12]
Song Pack: Otaku's Dream Mix (Pad)

Download/install prob? See here!

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Re: Recommended Song Posting Format

Postby Imtifade on Feb 1st, '11, 22:41

Thanks I was going to ask for the format
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