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Last updated: 2012/11/04

Note: With the release of Beats 1.7b FINAL, my focus has shifted to Beats' future rewrite: Beats2 - see

Beats 1.7.1b FINAL - Changeset [r16]
  • Android 4.x ICS support (tested on CyanogenMod 10 nightly)
  • all speed multipliers effectiveness DOUBLED, please adjust your settings!
  • fixed Graphics zip delete error
  • updated AdMob to v6.2.1
  • updated Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects to v3.5.39.3
  • updated all translation

Beats 1.7b FINAL - Changeset [575]
  • tablet support!!!
  • improved screen updating and scaling
  • modified sliders and guidelines for osu! Mod
  • smarter osu difficulty selection
  • custom loadable graphics
  • new SM-based default noteskin
  • updated with Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects, Version 3.4.73
  • more touch-friendly main menu
  • rearranged settings menus a bit
  • translation update
  • removed MobFox

Beats 1.6.2b - Changeset [519]
  • translation update
  • minor fix for crashes on Cupcake (1.5)

Beats 1.6.1b - Changeset [517]
  • improved vibrations a bit
  • fixed combo counting bug for osu! Mod
  • fixed FPS counter bug with game pausing
  • added partial Romanian and Portuguese translations

Beats 1.6b - Changeset [506]
  • full .dwi support
  • experimental .osu support
  • save local high scores
  • use Immersion's Universal Haptic Layer (UHL) for vibration control
  • vibrations now only occur on matched taps
  • translation project public at
  • added Language, Load Song Backgound, and Vibrate on Hold settings, rearranged menus a bit
  • added Screenshot Mode setting, show FPS counter by default
  • game screen more compact now to allow for wider osu! Mod area
  • smarter search for music and bg files when not properly referenced
  • fixed a few random gameplay/behaviour bugs
  • added MobFox, updated AdMob

Beats 1.5.4b - Changeset [452]
  • text-ized menu items (slightly different appearance now)
  • added Korean, Chinese and Finnish translations
  • fixed a few screen rotation issues

Beats 1.5.3b - Changeset [428]
  • added built-in update checker
  • added German translation
  • fixed holds/randomize bug
  • fixed miss bug?
  • allow screen rotation for all parts of app

Beats 1.5.2b - Changeset [418]
  • complete package rename (due to Google policy)
  • updated translations

Beats 1.5.1b - Changeset [413]
  • always install sample songs
  • fixed randomize setting check
  • fixed difficulty selection bug for translations

Beats 1.5b - Changeset [409]
  • added osu! Mod via new Game Mode setting (see here)
  • added scroll up game modes
  • added various tapbox layouts
  • various optimizations for performance
  • added Randomize settings
  • allow for free-form screen rotation (even during gameplay)
  • added a few new shortcut icons to main menu
  • fixed lag and miss bugs!
  • fixed window switching issues
  • allow early release of holds
  • sped up .sm file loading
  • added 3.5x and 4.0x speed multipliers
  • combo text changes colour at 100/500/1000
  • fixed note jumping bug due to music offset setting
  • fixed jumps+holds (no notes during a hold when jumps off)
  • integrated Localytics (for bug reporting and device-specific support)
  • added Russian, Italian and Dutch translations, see the Google group if you want to help translate

Beats 1.4.2b - Changeset [237]
  • fixed a rotation-restart issue
  • gameplay video link in Info settings category

Beats 1.4.1b - Changeset [233]
  • orientation-based main menu layout
  • re-added adjustable Accuracy Level setting
  • reverted accuracy weightings to 1.3b's scheme
  • fixed multi-touch install restriction?
  • fixed minor notetype parsing issue
  • fixed a few odd crashes

Beats 1.4b - Changeset [221]
  • is now the new permanent website and forums
  • default data folder in the phone-specific "external storage" location
    (manually move old songs at /sdcard/sd/Beats/ to the new location, most likely /sdcard/Beats/)
  • improved .sm support (no more crashing with bad/odd stepfiles files!)
  • default difficulty level now Medium
  • implemented holds!
  • lot of graphical improvements, including icons
  • new menu, and a finalized game logo
  • reorganized and expanded the Settings menu with new stuff
  • added Dark and Appearance modifiers
  • song downloads/installs via web browser
  • auto-detection of stepfile-containing folders
  • sample songs created by Lisek
  • text file viewer in file browser
  • press-and-hold based file deletion in file browser
  • changed default install location to SD card
  • updated target software to 2.3 with Samsung Galaxy Tab support
  • revamped score calculation system and accuracy judgment based on DDR Max 2
  • music playback no longer service-based - should fix a lot of music playback bugs

Beats 1.3b - Changeset [76]
  • separated changelog from new user notes
  • ".bpzip" now used as a "Beats-friendly Pack" file extension
  • added real progress bar for song pack installing
  • added "Shorten Folder Names" setting
  • added "File Deletion" mode to file browser (press MENU to change modes)
  • improved music file/background image checks
  • changed sample songs to a few from "Otaku's Dream Mix (Pad)"
  • tweaked a few default settings (uninstall/reinstall to use new defaults)
  • fixed "Change Difficulty" setting reading bug
  • songs not placed in subfolders will be placed in "Beats/Songs/Singles/"
  • crash-prevention, please notify me of those error messages (so I can fix them)
  • game no longer auto-pauses when Auto-Play is on
  • "" is the new downloads page

Beats 1.2b - Changeset [57]
  • bunch of error checking to prevent crashes
  • stop registering taps after game over
  • improved pause/resume function
  • updated urls (website still under works)
  • added "Jumps" setting
  • added "OGG Offset" setting
  • changed offset values to -0.4ms to +0.4ms at 0.025ms interval
  • refresh file browser upon pack install or file download
  • working loading dialogs!

Beats 1.1b - Changeset [50]
  • now as official website
  • lot of stability fixes
  • should crash less now
  • fixed weird music-stopping/input not-working bug (I think...)
  • added pause/resume function (press MENU, SEARCH or HOME)
  • added letter scores/percentages
  • added "Max Combo!" check
  • added "Auto-Start" setting to allow direct launching from file browser
  • added "Background data" setting checker
  • added "Vibrate on Tap" setting
  • added "Suppress Warnings" setting
  • added "Disable Additional Vibrations" setting
  • added direct .smzip/.zip song pack installer
  • added speed multipliers of 0.25x interval
  • changed "Credits" menu item to "Install Songs"

Beats 1.0b - Changeset [30]
  • initial beta release, lots of missing features and bugs

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