Your Favourite Songs/Stepfiles?

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Your Favourite Songs/Stepfiles?

Postby xwingace on Mar 20th, '11, 16:12

Let's have a bit of a recs thread here. What are your favourite songs/stepfiles when playing Beats?

(I'm only linking to songs I've found here. I'll mention others, but I'm terrible at keeping track where I find this stuff. I probably downloaded it from

A song I'd recommend for a beginner is Dango Daikazoku (Clannad ED). The stepfile is so easy it almost becomes difficult again, but the music is so sweet and cute I can't help but love it. A great song to introduce someone to Beats or for Osu! random mode.

Another song I love, this time because the music is so very unsettling, is Still Doll (Vampire Knight 1st ED). Still a fairly easy stepfile overall, though. But such gorgeous music.

If I need something a bit more cheerful, I'll go for Motteke! Sailor Fuku! (Lucky Star OP) with a stepfile by Jubo, or Someone Else (Working!! OP). I also found Scramble (first School Rumble OP) somewhere, which is also always good for an energy boost.

As for non-anime music, I've actually found it quite difficult to find pop/rock songs, as opposed to dance/trance or metal. That said, Dragonforce is awesome. And most of the stepfiles made to their songs are awesomely impossible. But there are some pad-friendly ones out there. I know there's a playable version of Through the Fire and Flames, because I have it, but I can't remember where I found it... Bemanistyle has a whole list of Dragonforce songs, too and that's where I found most of the playable stepfiles, too.

I also found Yellow Submarine (yes, the Beatles song) somewhere on It's another one that comes recommended -- fun song, and the stepfile isn't too difficult. Good for casual playing. Why isn't there more of this kind of music stepped? (If there is, tell me what to look for, please!)

What are your favourites and recommendations?

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Re: Your Favourite Songs/Stepfiles?

Postby Glas on Mar 20th, '11, 17:19

Im still searching for DJMax/Ez2DJ/Beatmania/Ez2dancer Stepfiles
with no results, so i've started doing mines

those are my favs
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Re: Your Favourite Songs/Stepfiles?

Postby Patashu on Mar 30th, '11, 10:39

Glas wrote:Im still searching for DJMax/Ez2DJ/Beatmania/Ez2dancer Stepfiles
with no results, so i've started doing mines

those are my favs

I've seen A Zillion beatmania files, admittedly stepmania and people who play/create in it have such a decentralized community that it's hard to find stuff you're interested in (compare to osu with its central database)
I've stepped a bit of DJMax:

the other two I dunno about
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Re: Your Favourite Songs/Stepfiles?

Postby mehamgul101 on Aug 12th, '11, 05:35

well i like all the songs of this singer which you have mention here but my favorite singer is doctrove of Australia . really he is one of the top class singer in the world and his most of the songs are super hit songs . i like his song come and fill me .
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