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Re: stoping cheaters

if or when you put score boards up you should fix the way you can spam the middle of the left,down and the right, up and never miss an arrow. This could lead to people who earned the top postion getting kicked down n by a newb. all you need is an accuracy window like DDR's boos, that penalize you f...
by Patashu
Mar 10th, '11, 22:37
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: stoping cheaters
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Re: Allow tap by dragging

sliding has a tradeoff - it's easier to combo but much harder to be accurate due to the nature of sliding, so you won't be able to get top tier scores if you slide and not tap. so i'm fine with sliding and leaderboards imo
by Patashu
Mar 10th, '11, 22:29
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Allow tap by dragging
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Re: Guitar Hero Megapack - ROCK!!!

You should play Project Destruction, it's a pad pack with metal songs and full difficulties:
by Patashu
Mar 10th, '11, 22:23
Forum: Unofficial Releases
Topic: Guitar Hero Megapack - ROCK!!!
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Re: How do i create my own beats song?

I use DDReam Studio, it's a program designed for making, syncing and editing stepcharts and has its own tutorials.
by Patashu
Mar 10th, '11, 22:21
Forum: General
Topic: How do i create my own beats song?
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Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack RELEASED SUPER MEAT BOY!! FULL-KEYBOARD STEPMANIA PACK: FINALLY STOPPED PROCRASTINATING ON IT DOWNLOAD HERE: All 25+ songs from the game Super Meat Boy charted for stepmania, plus one extra: Meat...
by Patashu
Mar 10th, '11, 20:06
Forum: Unofficial Releases
Topic: Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack RELEASED
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Re: Request Song Packs

I have two keyboard packs with full difficulties, from beginner to expert, so anyone can play them. Feel free to put them in.

Nick's Mix: ... 753.0.html
Otaku's Dream 6th Anime Mix: ... p?t=116632
by Patashu
Jan 7th, '11, 03:46
Forum: Unofficial Releases
Topic: Request Song Packs
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Big pile of suggestions I have to retype up by hand

Ho boy, here we go! -Noteskins. In particular, most of the time Beats will be played with the default 'line up of targets, tap the column to activate it' set up, and so the 'arrow' motif borrowed from DDR won't make sense. (It's useful in that it differentiates columns by shape, however, and will be...
by Patashu
Nov 13th, '10, 04:53
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Big pile of suggestions I have to retype up by hand
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