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Re: stoping cheaters

hmm , well for me is kidna weird that .. the streams in osu! mod sometimes you have to spam, but thats not cheat is necesary i guess... but.. people choice how to play and sometimes spaming is not posible get high scores like another person said... need some of skill here technique and experience wi...
by ZeosFury
Jun 29th, '11, 02:34
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: stoping cheaters
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Idea for screenshots scores

Hello everyone , Mi name is Yerko Mansilla ( ZeosFury ) and i came here from OSU! ( yup, the one from the pc ) and am old there... kinda some poeple know me.. i was one of the top 10 in chile long ago in Catch the beat mod and in standard like top 50, since i started in beats , i get it some ideas i...
by ZeosFury
Jun 29th, '11, 02:16
Forum: Screenshots/Videos
Topic: Idea for screenshots scores
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