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Re: Arrow placement and touch zones.

Also, one thing I found is that when I put the game into landscape, the arrows were too small, and I ended up hitting the space in between rather than the arrows. Perhaps increase the size of them, or make it so the space in between corresponds to the arrows? I want to put it landscape as I figured ...
by gyenming
Jan 14th, '11, 16:57
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Arrow placement and touch zones.
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Re: Welcome from Keripo

Hey all
Just gotta say that I love beats, the inclusion of holds is all I really needed to make me keep it on my phone. I might make a donation or two, its definitely worth it. Keep up the awesome work :)
Aha, we play almost the same spread, I use as kl ^^
by gyenming
Jan 14th, '11, 16:35
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Welcome from Keripo
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