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File will not load

Trying to get this simfile from Bemanistyle to load in Beats but it says "Invalid index 0; size is 0".. Is there something I can edit quickly in the .sm file to allow the song to load? Thank you!
by Chezzer
Dec 30th, '10, 02:15
Forum: Solved
Topic: File will not load
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Re: Welcome from Keripo

Hey, I'm Chez. Just want to thank you for taking the time to port this over to the Android. The game is fantastic, and I know it's still a work in progress, but in the future it would be awesome if it was more like Stepmania, with announcers, the gameplay (song-to-song, scoring). What would be kille...
by Chezzer
Dec 30th, '10, 02:10
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Welcome from Keripo
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